Postpartum Wellness Kit


Postpartum Wellness Kit


Even the easiest pregnancies and births deplete our bodies, and life with a newborn doesn’t always lend itself well to self care. It is in this time of caring for another, however, that we must remember to nurture the nurturer. This kit was created to help you to care for your body after the incredible things it has done, and continues to do, so you can approach this wonderful time feeling healthy and renewed (or, lets be honest, less exhausted is also fantastic some days.)

Can be used while breastfeeding.

Kit includes:
Blood Building Syrup - this blend of herbs helps to rebuild and strength your blood. Great for anemia, and recovering from blood loss in labor.
Postpartum Tea - Filled with nourishing herbs that replenish the nutrients that were likely depleted during pregnancy and birth.
Perineum spray - Sooth sore tissue, gently cleanse, repair superficial tearing, and help to reduce inflammation and hemorrhoids.
Womb Love Tincture - crafted to help with postpartum cramping, hormonal mood fluctuations, balancing the nervous system, and other symptoms. Can also be used to help with PMS.

Please understand allergic reactions are a possibility for anyone even when using gentle herbs. 

ALWAYS do a small test patch for allergies by placing a small amount of any offering on the inside of your ankle, if no reaction has occurred by the following day proceed with normal use!

*All of our external use offering will contain one of or all of the following oils: Avocado oil, Safflower oil, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Vitamin E oil

ALWAYS consult your regular physician before using any herbal substance to check for potential interactions with any medications you may be taking or medical condition you may have.


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