Custom Flower Essence


Custom Flower Essence


Flower essences are made in the beautiful space where herbalism and magic meet. With over 30 plant allies available to incorporate, your essence will be unique to you.

For this listing there are two variations of custom essences available:

  • The first essence can be made specifically to your needs. There is a form to fill out when ordering, that will tell me a bit about you and help me to craft your essence.

  • The second option is an intuitive essence. For this formulation I will use a pendulum to allow spirit to guide me to the plant allies that you need brought to you.

    This listing is for a two ounce bottle of essence. My flower essences are made using grain alcohol. If you need an alcohol free alternative please message me and I am happy to create one.


    ALWAYS consult your regular physician before using any herbal substance to check for potential interactions with any medications you may be taking or medical condition you may have.


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