Young Healers Classes


Young Healers Classes

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Welcome all Young Healers! Taught by Amber Therrien, of Sacred Lore Herbal, this class series will begin to introduce children to their plant allies, and empower them to work with plants to craft their own remedies and beautiful creations for the home.

Each class will include one herbal lesson, and one art project.

  • Nature Hike! (Sept 6th) We will take a (very gentle) hike around Massabesic Lake to discuss the huge variety of healing plants present in our own environment. Students will collect samples along the way to make ‘stained glass’ window art, which they will be able to do during our lunch break at the end of the hike. Parents will be emailed a print out after of all the plants we found and discussed along the way, so you can continue learning at home.

  • Herbal Honey (Sept 13th) Students will be given a list of herbs, and we will discuss the benefits and uses of each one. With Amber there to guide them they will then choose 2-4 herbs to infuse into their own honey to take home as medicine. Surprise art project this week!

  • Planting A Kitchen Herb Garden. (Sept 20th) Amber will bring a variety of seeds for the children to choose from, and they will each choose their own three herbs to plant and bring home, and decorate their pots to create a unique place for their mini-gardens to grow. We will discuss the benefits of each plant so they can choose the ones that speak to them.

  • Fabric Dying and Tea Tasting (Sept 27th) I will bring a variety of teas for the students to taste test and take notes on which they like while they create their own dyes out of different plants. At the end of the class each student will leave with their own unique set of hand dyed napkins!

  • Herbal First Aid Kit (Oct 4th) We will finish up the series by making a set of herbal goodies to take home. Products will include a boo-boo balm, anti-itch stick, and other surprises. They will also decorate their own first aid pouch.

    Space is limited, so please pre-register! With exception to the hike these classes are drop-off friendly and will run from 1pm-3pm on Thursdays starting September 6th.


  • Drop in: $25 a class

  • Pre-register and get one class FREE plus a special surprise winter wellness bundle for only $100.

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